Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Destruction... ninth sky

The world had been destroyed because of my love, so the people I met, the songs that I heard, everything now is just dust, so let me see to my Satan, to my Lord. Be my judge, be my champion, I wanted everything, I got nothing but fear, but pain, but sarcasm and unreal words... So please my Lord, let me see your face, let me ask you What this is for? Congratulations, here is your child, this is your pupil, let see in your eyes. Nine skies are buried now, nobody remembers, nobody never come back... Satan the sun is burning, please freeze it, please take under the ground...

(Nine little songs of somebody who can't speak English, who doesn't know Spanish, who growls, like a beast without owner, living just alone in the savage garden of life, if somebody knows this last words, congratulations, you can have my devotion and my blood)

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