Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A new test!!!

Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
Yes, but they were drunk...

When was the last time someone called you a slut?
I don't remember but i think it was my mom

What did you do today?
I went to Rectoria, I went to the school, i went to the movies, i went to galerias...

Do you like to smile?
Yeah sometimes

How Tall Are You?
Like 1.55 m

Last person you rode in a vehicle with under the age of 20?
I don't have a car...

What time do you usually wake up on the weekends?
about 9:00 or 10:00

Last thing you had to drink?
mmm, water, jajajaja

What are you wearing?
grey pants and a dark funeral t-shirt

What brand of body lotion do you use?
mmm sometimes, Valentino

What color are your eyes?

If you could live in any other country, which one would you pick?
Romania!!!!, Norway, Switzerland, Japan

Where were you when you heard about the World Trade Towers?
At "Doña cochambres" Tortería

Do you like your phone?yeah!!!

Last tv show you watched?
The simpson...jajajaja

What color are your bed sheets?

Do you ever keep arguing even when you know you’re wrong?
Of course, my life is fighting

Do long distance relationships work?
jajaja, nooo

Are you tan?

What's your favorite girl scout cookie?
jajajaja, just if they use real girls for the cookies

Is their any part of your body that hurts?
my left arm

How do you earn money?
designing, jajaja and getting scholarships

Last time you took a nap?
I don't take naps, I just sleep at night

Who made you laugh today?
Gabriela, Lalo, my brother, my sisters, my dad, jajaja

Are you slowly drifting away from someone close?
It could be

When was the last time you cried really hard?
Maybe saturday

Last bed you slept in?
I just sleep in my own bed

What is the next concert you're going to?
I wish Tristania

Can you play guitar hero?
Just in my mind

What is the last movie you watched in theaters?
"I'm not there"

What do you currently smell like?
I don't know ¿sweat? ¿cat?

Would you rather watch football or baseball?

Last thing you bought?
a telephone card

Have you ever shared a drink with anyone?

How much money do you have on you?
jajajajaja, like 10 pesos

Do you have braces?
no but i should

Is there someone on your mind that shouldn't be?
That's hard, maybe.... jajajaja

Do you burn easily in the sun?
yes, i'm like a fucking shrimp

Do you speak another language other than English?
Just Spanish

What made you happy today?

Whats your ringtone?
a telcel's song

Where did your last hug take place? with whom?
A few hours ago, with Chris...

What are you about to do?
mmm, watching soap operas, jajajajaja or playboy mansion girls jajaja

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